I extend my warm greetings to you. At the Brilliance World School, the future of your child will be in safe hands and every child will be given ample opportunities to enable him/her to be a useful member of the family, society and nation.

The school provides a learning environment that stimulates every little angel to realize his/her potential.

Learning is a life-long process & this process begins at school. At Brilliance world, we inculcate the spirit of learning, the longing to be ever receptive, and the curiosity to know more from the surroundings which act as the key to the never ending process of acquiring knowledge.

We not only guide our children...


About Brilliance World School

A balanced personality is the outcome of opportunities provided during the childhood. The exposure and knowledge offered to a child result in shaping a perfect character.

The role of school in training an individual is not determined by the quantity it has produced but by the quality of scholarship imparted by it and its impact on the students.

A school is an institution where students learn the fundamentals of life and gather experiences for future. The educators at this institute hold responsibility to ensure a world-class teaching while sharing their wisdom.